Hiiii I'm Bianca, but most people call me Bee. At the ripe young age of 20, I like Jack Daniels, cheesy romance and singing along badly to songs I barely know. Don't think about anything too much, it'll only hurt your head. Also, this chump Harry Styles plagues my thoughts a lot, this is his place in my life.
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Just had a mental breakdown (quite literally)because my sister’s friend basically told me she’s been sexually assaulted, but she doesn’t want to do anything about it because she’s scared…..I’m so sick of girls/women feeling like they can’t speak out because they’re made to feel like shit and made to feel like they’re in the wrong for what’s happened to them. This girl is is just 17, she’s still so vulnerable to shit like this that she doesn’t think its completely disgusting and morally wrong because her friends are playing it down as a joke. I’m completely outraged by the amount of mental support victims such as herself are provided with to have the courage to step out and say, you know what, what happened to me is wrong on so many levels and I need to speak out about it now to get justice for the girls that never could and never will. I hope that whatever I’ve said to her tonight gives her even the smallest pedestal to standing up against scumbags like hers, and that any and all women past present and future, feel like they can speak out about whatever wrong had been done unto them. Because no woman should ever, EVER, be made to feel like they’re to blame for someone else’s vile excuse at existence.